I began working out with Michael in August 2018. I hired him to help me get in shape for my upcoming 60th birthday in September 2019. I had a weight goal I wanted to achieve. I also wanted to firm up and  build muscle mass.

We worked out two times a week….and I hated every minute of it. I’m not one of those people that says they feel so much better after the workout or they sleep better, etc., etc. None of that was true for me, but I persisted. I am a very goal oriented and focused individual so I trudged through it keeping my end goal in sight.

After a tough few months in the beginning, I began to add a few workouts a week on my own. I got into a rhythm. Soon I began to realize that the workouts were hard but Michael was truly there to help me achieve my goals…my birthday wish of becoming a healthy, physically fit, attractive 60 year old woman.

Early on I realized Michael was the perfect Trainer for me. A few of the reasons why include:

  1. As I mentioned earlier, I am a very focused individual. Additionally, I don’t multitask very well. So, I really appreciated the fact that Michal didn’t chit chat a lot while we were working out.  Michael reads his clients very well and becomes what they need him to be. I needed a trainer that focused on me and the results that I desired and he worked hard every session to accomplish that.
  2. About 12 years I suffered a stroke. And, even scarier for Michael and me as we began our work together, I had the stroke at a gym. Knowing this Michael was hyper vigilant. He could always tell when I needed a break and insisted I do so. Early on I explained to him that I don’t need a trainer to push me. I told him I’m a grown woman and at this point in my life I know what my body can do. Pushing me beyond the point of my ability could be dangerous and he realized that I was a hard worker and If I said I couldn’t do something he wouldn’t push. I truly appreciate his professionalism, understanding and ultimate concern for safety.
  3. One thing that I really appreciate about Michael is his flexibility. He goes out of his way to try to accommodate my schedule. If I can’t make a session he will always try to reschedule for a time that works better for me. He doesn’t make me feel guilty for cancelling. 

As I mentioned earlier, I started working out with Michael in August. By Thanksgiving, I had already lost quite a few pounds and was starting to be able to notice the weight loss in the fit of my clothes. By Christmas I lost even more. On January 1, 2019 Michael and I started what was to become a routine event. We began weighing, measuring and photographing my progress. I’m bummed out that we didn’t begin this earlier as I’m sure we would have seen really how far I’ve come in my training. The pictures you see of me are from Jan 1st and the other picture is my final picture before my vacation. My vacation was my 60th Birthday present from my daughter. That was the reward for all my hard work and I have Michael to thank for it. His dedication, knowledge and care helped me achieve my weight and muscle goals!