Michael is a personal trainer, strength and condition coach, with more than 12yrs of experience in fitness industry, he holds National academy of sports Medicine certification and is currently an independent trainer at facet Seven fitness Heights Houston. Previously he worked as personal trainer at Club Corp’s (Houston City Club) and Bally’s Total Fitness where his strong work ethic earned him a quick promotion to the position of athletic director. 

Michael holds a degree in health science and is pursuing another degree in physical therapy medicine, His love of fitness began in high school where he learned how to transform his body through exercise and proper nutrition. Excited to help others experience the same results he decided to pursue a career in the fitness industry. Michael has taken an integrative approach to wellness.

Michael prides himself in providing his clients customized training and teaching them to make healthy choices in their day- to – day lives. Michael specializes in circuit training combines high intensity aerobics and resistance training designed to fit every level in fitness. while targeting fat loss, building muscle and strengthening the heart.

The current and former clients include those with chronic conditions, patients undergoing rehabilitation from an injury, pregnant women, and cancer survivors. His reviews from those clients speaks for itself. 

Michael is experience in the following, weight loss-Muscle building/tone addressing muscle imbalance- working with different fitness levels- providing them with fitness routines and protocols. Addressing postural issues, working with chronic conditions alleviating injury- providing stretching routines- muscle release through foam rolling-Balance training- Core training- TRX training- Bosu training-medicine ball and Stability ball training- Kettle bell training- providing sports/ activity and Nutrition guidance.

Call him at 832-273-2559 to schedule your complimentary assessment and workout.